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Hello! I was torn in two when I read some of the reviews too! Luckily the bad reviews are on other tours rather than the Thailand Experience one. In reality it is run by a Thailand based company called Starfish Volunteers (look them up!) They are AMAZING. Honestly our two tour guides Goong and Som were amazing! They were our best friends. They are with you 24/7 7 days a week for emergencies and if you need the odd word translating. You are like their family and vice versa for the whole month. I would recommend Real Gap to anyone, but they are just the middle man. You’ll be working alongside Starfish Volunteers during most of the trip! My favourite place was Sangklaburi where you spend two weeks. Check out the tattoo parlour where you’ll meet Rachel, Mit and their beautiful little boy. He does amazing tattoos (if you’re interested) and they are so so welcoming. On a whole the experience was life changing! Do EVERYTHING too! Visit the tiger temple. No matter what people say (usually the people slating it have never been) the tigers run around together, play fight and sleep alongside the Monks. They are so well looked after, honestly! and it’s run by British people. 

Anything else PLEASE ask me! I enjoy telling people! :) 

-Emily x